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I dont understand this language maybe this language old oguz language.you are welcome.Jose77 also I havenot any ability about social science I can help if you want math and physics topic.
Jose77 I think these quote from Bible.I understood only about this writing.Jose77 best way of the solution connecting people have more religion knowledge and master in social science.
:The passages were written in Uyghur.
:Here is the English version:
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:"''Receiving the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues, is the guarantee of our inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven''".
:"''Water baptism is the sacrament for the remission of sins and for regeneration. The baptism takes place in natural living water, such as the river, sea, or spring. The Baptist, who has already received baptism of water and the Holy Spirit, conducts the baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the person receiving the baptism should be completely immersed in water with head bowed and face downward''".
:"''The sacrament of washing of feet enables one to have a part with the Lord Jesus. It also serves as a constant reminder that one should have love, holiness, humility, forgiveness and service. Every person who has received water baptism should have their feet washed in the name of Jesus Christ. Mutual feet-washing can be practiced whenever is appropriate''".
:"''The Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week (Saturday), is a Holy Day, blessed and sanctified by God. It is to be observed under the Lord's grace for the commemoration of God's creation and salvation and with the hope of eternal rest in the life to come''".
:Could you help me translate those English text into the unique and wonderful Turkmen language? ''please''.
:A rough translation would be sufficient enough, just try your best effort. --[[Ulanyjy:Jose77|Jose77]] ([[Ulanyjy çekişme:Jose77|talk]]) 11:27, 13 aprel 2013 (UTC)