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I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine. Do you speak Russian?--[[Ulanyjy:Nickispeaki|Nickispeaki]] ([[Ulanyjy çekişme:Nickispeaki|talk]]) 21:21, 22 sentýabr 2013 (UTC)
:I know the bad. --[[Ulanyjy:Cekli829|Cekli829]] ([[Ulanyjy çekişme:Cekli829|talk]]) 11:11, 13 oktýabr 2013 (UTC)
== an help for [[Klaudiýa Letiziýa]] ==
Good evening from Calabria, I am writing to greet you and know how you are. Time without your news! I am quite well, despite the troubles now. In any case, I ask you a courtesy: could you please enlarge and improve the article I have reported to you? Right and no more than 10 minutes of your precious time. If you like, could you also help me with [[en:Coreca|Coreca]], [[en:Coreca Caves|Coreca Caves]] and [[en:Coreca Reefs|Coreca Reefs]]? Then go to me who exchange the courtesy in Italian. Thanks again and see you soon!--[[Ulanyjy:Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino|Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino]] ([[Ulanyjy çekişme:Luigi Salvatore Vadacchino|talk]]) 18:04, 13 mart 2020 (UTC)