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* By a decree of Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Satlyk Satlykov has been appointed chairman of the National Tourist Zone "Avaza". He held the position of deputy chairman of this body before the appointment. As the head of state noted during an expanded government meeting on August 7, "the committee has serious tasks to fulfill with the view to ensuring high pace of grand construction work, under way now on the shores of the Caspian Sea, that will make it possible to turn this part of the sea coast into the first-class seaside resort in the near future." [http://www.turkmenistan.ru/?page_id=3&lang_id=en&elem_id=15391&type=event&sort=date_desc 08.08.09 Satlyk Satlykov appointed chairman of National Tourist Zone "Avaza"]
* http://www.turkmenistan.gov.tm/awaza/
* http://www.melomani.com/default.asp?urun=haber&Id=9
* http://www.newscentralasia.net/Articles-and-Reports/408.html
* http://www.turkmenistan.ru/?page_id=3&lang_id=en&elem_id=15095&type=event&highlight_words=avaza&sort=date_desc
* http://www.turkmenistan.ru/?page_id=3&lang_id=en&elem_id=15094&type=event&highlight_words=avaza&sort=date_desc
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