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Hi, Jebel! Welcome! Thanks for your contributions. They were good. However I have recently deleted some pages you have created only with a wikilink and I placed a summary note as '''empty'''. Those pages that have at least three words are still there, since they are stubs. Otherwise it is very easy to create empty pages with just a wikilink or not. Yet I admire your contributions since it is very rare event in trk wiki. You are welcome again. I am looking forward for your contribitions, but pls at least some words like '''Mongoliýa''' Afrikada ýerleşýän ýurt etc. Kind Regards --[[User:Hanberke|Hanberke]] 14:00, 7 sentýabr 2009 (UTC)
:Agreed :) Just for your information, I am starting to work on the content of the environmental (Red Data Book), world countries, and Awaza Free Tourist Zone articles.--[[User:Jebel|Jebel]] 14:16, 7 sentýabr 2009 (UTC)