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Wikipediýa: erkin ensiklopediýa hoş geldiňiz, Doctuscumlibro1985!

Salam, indi siz Türkmençe Wikipediýada. Goşant goşmakçy bolsaňyz ilki bilen ýörelgeler bilen tanyşmak ündelýär. Wikipediýada özgerişlik geçirip bilersiňiz.

Eger Wikipediýany öwrenmek isleýän bolsaňyz Ýardam sahypasyna serediň.

Türkmençe Wikipediýany ösdüreliň. --~~~~

--Jose77 (talk) 09:51, 13 aprel 2013 (UTC)

Request for Help, pleaseDüzet

Salam Mr Doctuscumlibro1985,

Nice to meet you.

Could you kindly help me translate this article into the unique and wonderful Turkmen language? Please.

Your help would be very Gratefully Appreciated, Thankyou very much. --Jose77 (talk) 09:51, 13 aprel 2013 (UTC) I dont understand this language maybe this language old oguz language.you are welcome.Jose77 also I havenot any ability about social science I can help if you want math and physics topic. Jose77 I think these quote from Bible.I understood only about this writing.Jose77 best way of the solution connecting people have more religion knowledge and master in social science.

The passages were written in Uyghur.
Here is the English version:
Could you help me translate those English text into the unique and wonderful Turkmen language? please.
A rough translation would be sufficient enough, just try your best effort. --Jose77 (talk) 11:27, 13 aprel 2013 (UTC)

Jose77[Jesusheavenheaven] Sorry man I dont have enough responsibility translate religious text.I wanna spent my effort like technical summary.Jose77 you shuld connecting people have more religious knowledege.


Hi. Why are you blanking other users pages? -- Tegel (talk) 06:46, 26 aprel 2013 (UTC)

Stop moving pages to non-existing user accounts. -- Tegel (talk) 06:48, 26 aprel 2013 (UTC)
You started to move the user page of the administrator that recently deleted some of the pages that you created. I concider that as vandalism, and now your account is blocked. I will leave it to the local community to decide what will happen to your account in the future. -- Tegel (talk) 06:56, 26 aprel 2013 (UTC)

Empty pagesDüzet

Hi Doctuscumlibro1985,

I've deleted the empty pages just with titles. I should have put the note "empty page" when deleting them. Please do not be discouraged. You have been very active and constructive till now. Now the block has been romeved and we'll welcome your edits again. Kind Regards --Hanberke (talk) 07:50, 26 aprel 2013 (UTC)

Заряженная частицаDüzet

Hi, the article you created has incorrect wikilinks for Zarýadly bölejik. I'll update them. It shall be Charged particel (Заряженная частица). Also it shall be Zarýadly instead of Žarýadly (a typo). Cheers!--Hanberke (talk) 03:43, 14 maý 2013 (UTC) Hanberke gaty gowy edipsiñ men parkyna baryp bilmändirin.Hanberke şeýle dowam et goçak adam ýaly bol bolýar onda hoş wagtyñ düzeldip dur ýalñyşlary boş wagtyñ.:)


uytgeshmeler uchin. goshantlara dowam et! Sir artur bolýar goşantlara dowam etjek.Senem tüweleme kän goşant goşýarsyň.