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I'm Styyx, one of the administrators of Turkmen Wikipedia. I came to this project in Summer 2021 when I followed a cross-wiki spammer. After a bit of looking around, I figured out that there were a lot of articles in Turkish and Russian about non-notable people who got their article deleted on the Turkish or Russian Wikipedia. After nominating them for deletion and staying for a few months to prevent further spam, I was granted administrator rights here for three months on 20 November 2021, which was later extended twice now and is currently set to expire on August 2025.

Since Turkmen is quite close to Turkish, my native language, I can understand it without much issues. However, I tend to respond back mostly in English or Turkish if possible. I don't create any articles here unless it's a stub where the text has been confirmed to be correct by someone else. I intend to stay here until there are several native Turkmen speakers and administrators who can take care of the project.

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