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The wrong letters problemDüzet

Hello, in Turkmen Wikipedia some users use different letters like "ñ" instead of "ň" or "ÿ" instead of "ý". I think this is happening because they don't have the right keyboard. My Idea is that we put the Turkmen alphabet in Edit page to the crop toolbar, bottom of the page, were the Symbols are. Example the Azerbaijan Wikipedia, in the bottom of the Edit page is written

Seçmə latın hərfləri: Ə ə Ç ç Ğ ğ İ ı Ö ö Ş ş Ü ü

TayfunEt. (gürleşme) 14:48, 29 dekabr 2022 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

Hello TayfunEt. Interesting discovery. I've asked a few people about this issue and your solution, that's why I'm responding a day later.
The section of the Azerbaijani Wikipedia comes from az:MediaViki:Edittools. That page on the Turkmen Wikipedia is MediaWiki:Edittools. It's not protected so you can make the changes you want. I think that adding the Turkmen letters is useful.
The use of "ñ" can be seen here (10) and the use of "ÿ" is this (2). The same search can be made for other similar but incorrect letters. Doesn't seem to be very difficult to fix manually. I'm on vacation right now, so I can only look at it when I come home later next week. Thanks. ~StyyxTalk? 10:49, 31 dekabr 2022 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]
Thanks for the Information! Don't worry we can work about this next weeks. And the page is under protection of vandalism, you need to help me there. My Idea is Something like:

Türkmen elipbiýi: A a B b Ç ç D d E e Ä ä F f G g H h I i J j Ž ž K k L l M m N n Ň ň O o Ö ö P p R r S s Ş ş T t U u Ü ü W w Y y Ý ý Z z

TayfunEt. (gürleşme) 21:49, 31 dekabr 2022 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

Hi again, TayfunEt. I made the change. Works for me now. ~StyyxÇekişme 14:47, 1 ýanwar 2023 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]
Thank you very much! TayfunEt. (gürleşme) 17:30, 1 ýanwar 2023 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]


hello @Styyx as a local admin just want to let you know i've placed QD tag on several pages, unlike other wikis i didn't report it to meta i only did it locally, because you can handle them thanks. Sakura emad (gürleşme) 10:08, 31 dekabr 2022 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

Hi Sakura emad. Thanks for the tags. I've deleted all of them. :) ~StyyxTalk? 10:52, 31 dekabr 2022 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]

Update request for the article Ekşi sözlükDüzet


Can you update the article Ekşi sözlük, by adding that on February 21, 2023, access to the website was blocked in Turkey by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Turkey? Here are two websites from non-governmental and non-progovernmental sources in Turkish, which can be deciphered via a machine translator.

"BTK'den Ekşi Sözlük engeli!" (in Turkish). 2023-02-21. Retrieved 2023-02-21. 

"Ekşi Sözlük hakkında erişimin engellenmesi kararı" (in Turkish). 2023-02-21. Retrieved 2023-02-21. 

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (gürleşme) 12:31, 24 fewral 2023 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]


Eem Merhaba, Türkmence Çeviride Makine Çeviri Yapınca İlla Kontrol Etmekmi Gerek? Okan51 (gürleşme) 18:19, 2 mart 2023 (UTC)Reply[jogap ber]